Thursday, October 15, 2009

Racism and Fashion: Vogue's Black Face Photoshoot

I know Fashion is supposed to be seen as Art, but what are we supposed to think when we see things like this?? The first thing that comes to my mind sure isn't ART!!! .. smh...

It's not like their aren't a plethora of African models all around the world who could have taken even better photos.. So what message are they really trying to portray. I am not sure if this was meant to be racist, but Europeans always have a funny way of doing things. I am sure they believe that it is high fashion and rolling thier eyes at our ridiculous American ignorance..

Its like we are always taking one step forward just to take 50 steps back.. I mean didn't black face take place in the late 1800's?? Wasn't that like over 100 years ago..?

Do you think this black face Vogue photo shoot is racist..?

To read the history of Black Face in America Read NPR's "The Legacy of Black Face


  1. Wow!! This is so disheartening. We have so maaaanny beautiful African-American women who would do an amazing job at taking pictures such as these, but once again we are not 'good enough'. And you are so right about taking 50 steps back. Just last July, Italian Vogue printed the "Black Issue" which sold out in the U.S. and Great Britain 72 hours after it was put on newsstands. Yet, this wasn't enough proof that we can sell magazines? It boggles my mind. Good post Christine!

  2. That is such a good point! How ironic that the very same publication that praised the black model for the first time for real turned around and published something so offensive as painting their model in black paint. I don't care what their intentions were, it did not come off as such.. that was an EPIC FAIL.. unless you live in a cave in Antarctica you know that black face is one of the most offensive this besides using the "N" word...